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Saving $$ for Christmas on a Limited Budget

Hey guys! I know it’s only July, so you’re probably wondering why the post about Christmas money?? Well, as stay-at-home mom, I know, first hand, that the struggle is real when it comes to stretching the budget to make the best of the holidays. So here’s how I do it:

  • Coupons – I’m not a crazy couponer but they do help me save money. During my most recent trip I spent $87 dollars. Shopping only the deals and pairing those deals with coupons, I saved $78 dollars. Almost a 50% savings. My total coupon savings was $25.50. Here’s how I fit couponing into my life without sacrificing any time with my family.
  • Save Your Savings – Once I’ve done my shopping I immediately transfer ONLY the amount I saved using my coupons. So at the end of my last haul, I transferred $25.50 to my Christmas fund.
  • Rebate Apps – That last thing I do with my receipts is upload all of them to the different rebate apps I use – Checkout51, SavingsStar, and Ibotta.
  • Stick all Cash & Coin in a Jar – This is the final, and most commonly used, way I save money for Christmas. Each time I end up with cold hard cash I stick it in a jar. I’m not one for carrying cash but being a fan of selling things online, I tend to come into it periodically throughout the year. Being money I wasn’t counting on or expecting, it’s easier to just set it aside. The only thing I take out of this jar is money for my Sunday paper.

Truth be told, I already have $482.76 set aside between savings, cash, and my rebate apps. I don’t usually count and add it all up before November, but I did today, just for you.

So there you have it. Basically saving a little bit here and there before putting it all together at the end of the year allows me to actually enjoy the holidays’ while everyone around me is stressed out and maxing out their credit cards.

Let me know in the comments below, how you save for the holidays or if you have any questions for me. I’m always interested in what others are doing to set themselves up for success.


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