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Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Nests

With Easter less than a month away, I’ve decided to shift all the tot activities in my house to that; Starting with Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Nests.

20180226_114247[1]There is no easier way to teach a toddler about the changing seasons/holidays than with activities at home. Besides, My 2 year old is already a choco-halic and loves pretzels so they were a huge hit. Also, they’re super easy and lets face it, who doesn’t love super easy (especially when you have little’s running around)?



Melting Chocolate, Colored Chocolate (seen here but I didn’t end up using), pretzels, and cadbury chocolate eggs. (I also used a muffin tin to shape them and a crockpot to melt the chocolate)



Step 1: Melt Chocolate

As I said before, I use a cockpot to melt my chocolate. This is the fastest way I’ve ever melted chocolate. If you don’t have one you can still do it the old fashion way, with a double boiler.

Step 2: Dump whole and broken pretzel sticks into melted chocolate

I found using just whole pretzels lets too many open holes for the eggs to fall through. Using smaller broke up pieces provided filling for those holes.

Step 3: Place pretzels in muffin tin

As you’re placing your pretzels you’ll be able to shape them as you need to; putting the larger pieces down first for the foundation followed by the smaller ones.

Note: I did NOT coat my metallic muffin tray before laying in the pretzels.

Step 4: Place eggs on pretzels and Freeze

Now that your nests are built, simply place the desired number of eggs in each nest. I choose to use three per nest.


Step 6: Remove from tray, eat, enjoy

Here is my final product. Sorry, I don’t have more to show you because my husband and two year old got to them before I was able to snap a picture.


There you have it, the start to Easter activities in my house. Let me know below and post a picture if you’ve made these at home.


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