The Mom Behind the Blog

Hey there! Nikki here. Thanks for checking out my blog. I invite you to grab a cup of coffee, get cozy, and hang out for a bit.

So who am I? I am a 30-something, coffee drinking, proud mommy of two beautiful little boys. I hold a full time job, and I am always exhausted. I knew I wanted/needed to be a work from home/stay at home mommy since my husband and I began trying to have kids. Well… here I am two years later, still trying to make that happen.

So why the blog? Because I’m not alone. Mommy Stay Sane is a very real blog focused on family. I want to help support, encourage, and empower other women who strive to put first their motherhood, marriage, and family. Our society, far too often, puts family priorities on the back burner to work. Well, I say not me! Not my babies! This blog is a just a glimpse into what I do with my own home both as a mom and a wife to make this life work FOR ME… not what society tells me I have to do.

I look forward to hearing the story that makes you … YOU.